A colorful collage of the three members, who look into the camera and smile.
Children's concert Indaba. Photo: Ayla Brinkmann

Children’s concert Indaba

Sa 25.5.2024 11.15-12.00
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Children’s concert Indaba is a warm-spirited and energetic show where the performers and the audience come together. Indaba combines singing with improvisation, percussion grooves as well as freestyle dance. The rhythms are inspired by traditional Tanzanian music and modern South African house music. 

The concert explores identity issues. How can one person have so many identities? And who is allowed to tell the story of a person? The idea underpinning the performance is that the one who knows best and who is the best to tell the story is the person themselves. The concert provides gentle encouragement for everyone to tell their own story in the way they want.

We are all unique flowers in a garden called the world. The more different we are, the more beautiful it looks.

Kasheshi Makena

‘Indaba’ is an isiZulu concept for a gathering where people decide on matters concerning themselves. The term is also commonly used in other South African languages.

Indaba features musician Ayla Brinkmann (FIN/RSA), multi-instrumentalist Kasheshi Makena (TZA/FIN) and dancer and DJ Pietari Kauppinen (FIN/ETH). The performers share a Finnish-African background and a passion for interesting and topical children’s culture.

The languages used in the performance include at least Finnish, English and Swahili.