• European Union

    Exhibitors Tents

    Joint information stand of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Finland and the European Commission […]

  • Centre Party

    Exhibitors Tents

    The Centre Party has a calling. Our values and principles are present in homes and […]

  • Christian Democrats

    Exhibitors Tents

    Christian Democrats is a parliamentary party and part of the international Christian Democratic movement. At […]

  • Democratic Civic Association

    Market of Possibilities

    Democratic Civic Association (DCA) is a leftist, nationwide educational association for adult learning, established in […]

  • Finnish Peace Committee

    Market of Possibilities

    Kansalaisjärjestö, jonka tavoitteena on edistää rauhaa, aseistariisuntaa, suvaitsevaisuutta, ihmisoikeuksia ja globaalia tasa-arvoa. Toimintamme perustuu humanitaarisiin, […]

  • Ghana Union Finland

    Food Vendors

    Ghana Union Finland is a non-governmental organisation for multiculturalism and integration. At our stand, you […]

  • JHL:n KaMuT

    Exhibitors Tents

    JHL ry:n Etelä-Suomen alueen maahanmuuttajaverkosto, KaMuT JHL ry:n Etelä-Suomen alueen maahanmuuttajaverkoston tavoitteena on koota alueella […]

  • Kalevi Sorsa Foundation

    Market of Possibilities

    Kalevi Sorsa Foundation is a social democratic think tank that promotes a just ecological transition. […]

  • Luckan Integration

    Market of Possibilities

    Luckan Integration offers professional advice on finding your way in Finland. We offer individual guidance, […]

  • SDP Helsinki

    Exhibitors Tents

    We work hard to achieve equality, freedom and justice. We want to build an economically, […]

  • Spartacus Foundation

    Exhibitors Tents

    Spartacus Foundation works for justice, solidarity, peace, human rights and the environment in Finland, Europe […]

  • The Greens

    Exhibitors Tents

    Vihreät on olemassa turvatakseen ympäristön, ihmisten ja politiikan tulevaisuuden. Teltallamme pääset tutustumaan Vihreään politiikkaan, poliitikkoihin, […]

  • The KSL Study Centre

    Exhibitors Tents

    Visit our tent to create craftivism, get to know our publications and talk with us […]

  • The National Coalition Party

    Exhibitors Tents

    The National Coalition Party is a political party and social movement founded in 1918, which […]

  • Women’s Association Union

    Market of Possibilities

    Women’s Association Union is an intersectional feminist organization founded 1892. At our desk you can […]