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Casa moro


The Casa Moro – The Moroccan Vegan Street Flavor Factor Street Kitchen is combination of flavours, feeling & memory factors. Here we present recipies from moms, aunts, grandmoms and street vendors in the hood of Marrakech, Casablanca & Fez.

Bringing our flavors and using the local fresh ingredients, we give it an unique twist, which we call the Moroccannavian effect. The rules of Moroccan food still stay the same, using the 7 steps that make this Moroccan vegan street cuisine friendly for the environment, soul and body.

The 7 Effects:
1. Spice / Ras Elhan Out is a herb
2. Dude / Preserved lemon
3. Couscous / How we roll it
4. Warqua / The Way
5 .Chermula / Effect
6. Harisa / Seasoned heat
7. Tagine / The ingenious

Enjoy these soul satisfaying flavours with us! Read more: casamoro.fi.